On the financial market, gold is on an ascendant trend since decades already. The price of gold has rise to record levels, especially since the start of the economic crisis in 2008. In such a financial environment it makes sense to protect your assets and wealth by investing in gold.

There are many companies specialized in transactions with gold in the market. But which one to trust and choose for your own benefits? We will review in this article Rosland Capital gold company in order to help you make an informed decision.

The company is specialized in transactions with gold that is located in California. Besides selling and buying gold, Rosland Capital also involves in transactions with other precious metals such as silver and platinum, in form of coins or bars.

The company provides a large variety of investment opportunities and also involves in transactions with diamonds.

Personal Opinion on Rosland Capital Company

According to the information made available for the general public by the BBB, the company was founded in the year 2005.

Researching the consumers? complains against the company we could not find a high number of such complains, which is a good sign that the company is reliable and trustworthy, and it has a professional customer support as well.

Rosland Capital company is a new comer on the precious metal transactions market, but it is already an industry leader by the experts in the field and the company succeeded to attract many loyal customers.

However, even if the number of complains is not very high, there are a few filed against the company.

The vast majority of complains seem to involve misrepresentation of information, high commission fees, unprofessional customer service, and a dissatisfaction buyback program.

What I Liked in Rosland Capital Company:

  • The minimum investment with Rosland Capital is lower than for other competitor gold companies on the market, starting at only $1,500.

What I Do Not Like in Rosland Capital Company:

  • The company did not receive a rating from the BBB.
  • TrustLink gave poor rating to Rosland Capital.
  • Ripoff Report has registered 4 complaints from customers against the company.
  • Business Consumer Alliance has registered 18 complaints against the precious metal trading company.
  • From reading the current complains filed against the company we can sense an overall dissatisfaction coming from clients. Most of the complaints are related to undervaluing of clients? investments, an unsatisfactory buyback program, high commission fees, and unwillingness to fix their poor customer service.
  • Among the complains, some of them show that the company?s sales staff rely on dishonest tactics, issues with IRA rollovers, and higher commissions than originally discussed.
  • The administrative, storage and annual fees make the fee structure with Rosland Capital complicated. In addition to that they also seem to charge additional fees on each transaction for each account or individual product, unlikely many of their competitors.

Ratings, Complains, Reviews, and Scams

Better Business Bureau


The BBB has accredited the Rosland Capital company on October 1st, 2008.

However, the company does not have a current rating with the BBB. On the BBB? website we can find a total number of three complaints from customers, last of them has been filed on March 10, 2013.

Business Consumer Alliance


The Business Consumer Alliance has rated Rosland Capital with an A rating from a highest possible rating of AAA.

Over the last three years, the BCA has registered a total number of 18 complaints filed by customers against Rosland Capital. Most of the complains with the BCA seem to be related to misrepresentation of information, and an undervaluation of clients? account holdings.

If you want to check the complains yourself you can find them on the BCA?s website, by visiting the precious metal trading company?s profile.



TrustLink has rated Rosland Capital with 3 stars.

Among the complains against Rosland Capital made by customers with TrustLink are: wrong customer account balances, fraudulent advertising claims, and disappointing buyback program, and unwelcoming customer service combined with pushy sales force.

RipOff Report

ripoff report

They registered four complaints against the precious metals trading company. Among the reasons for the complains were overcharged customers, excessive commission rates, and overpriced coins.

Rosland Capital?s Fee Structure

We can see a pattern of complaints filed TrustLink, BCA, BBB, and RipOff Report related to dissatisfaction of customers due to high commission fees that are not very clear from the beginning.

The fees that Rosland charges for trading services seem to be concealed when the customer initially signs up. Customers are then disappointed when the fees are rolled over in their future account balance.

These results in a difference between the total profits the customers assume to have from higher spot gold prices and the actual account balance.

Customer Service

From the customer reviews on the company?s customer service we get mixed signals. It seems that the customer service with them is a hot or miss experience. If you are lucky to have your call answered by a professional customer representative, everything may go smooth.

However, not all the customer support representatives working for the companies are having a professional attitude. Some reports from disappointed customers of Rosland Capital complain of less than friendly and cordial customer representatives as well as pushy salespeople.

What is even worse, it seems that despite the company is not making real efforts to work out misunderstandings and resolve all complaints.

Why I?m Not Choosing Rosland Capital

Despite the lack of experience, due to the fact that this is a new precious metals trading company, they are already seen as an industry leader. They have a lot to offer but there are also many customers who are dissatisfied with their services and performance.

Considering that it seems Rosland Capital has an unfavorable buyback metals plan and charges high prices, the potential customers should be cautious and careful research this company.

What Precious Metals Company Do I Choose?

After serious research I decided to choose Regal Assets, (call 1-844-334-5914) because of a better performance than other gold companies.


Among the good points in their favor are a flat storage fee, flat annual administrative fees, segregated storage, fastest processing time, good buyback program, 7 day guaranteed delivery, experts in rollovers, perfect score with TrustLink, BCA, and BBB, great customer service, good reviews and no complains so far. You can also read more review of regal assets here.

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