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Why Choose Regal Assets?

The instability of many economies and currencies around the world has prompted investors to look for alternative and stable investment options. Earlier, precious metals were considered a preserve of the wealthy and as such most of the transactions revolved around buy and hold.

In the recent past however much has changed and many of these metals have found their way into investment portfolios. Various income groups now have an opportunity to maximize both short-term and long-term returns from precious metal investments.

In the same measure, precious metal companies have sprung up to offer investment solutions in precious metals.

While every company is trying all they can to give you customized and expert advice on the investment options available, few of them can stand above the cut. Regal Assets (RA) is one such company with a very strong reputation for being an industry leader in precious metal investments and advisory services.

The reviews and ratings it has attracted reveal the professional manner in which it delivers its services.

Better Business Bureau


BBB gave Regal an A+ Rating

Regal has 0 complaints filed against the company and has been BBB accredited since October 30, 2009. They are the only precious metals company to have a perfect score and no complaints with the BBB.

Trust Link


Regal has 5 Stars Rating and 482 all positive reviews.

Business Consumer Alliance


Regal has an AAA Rating with the BCA.

Other Reputable Review Sources

  • CitySearch: 100% feedback
  • InsiderPages: 5 stars
  • Kudzu: 5 stars
  • Yellow Pages: 5 stars

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There are numerous reasons why RA always leads the pack and below is a brief discussion of each one of them.

Customer Friendly Pricing

One of the striking features of RA is their product pricing. They are so friendly that at first you may stop to think that there is a hidden agenda. For instance account set up is free of cost, there is a full first year waiver on all fees including administrative and storage charges.

In addition, they have a flat fee system as opposed to a scaled pricing pattern that many of their industry peers use. For an investor with a long-term growth strategy this is beneficial. The small savings that you make can go along way into building up your investment.

Wide Investment Options

Whether you are a small or bulk investor, RA has the right investment option for you. Their product portfolio is wide enough to cover different investor interest and preferences.

Based on your financial goals and investment horizons, you can choose one of the many predefined asset portfolios available with the help of an expert. They have a huge collection of bullion bars, precious metal IRAs and proof coins.

For expensive metal IRAs, the minimum investment is $10,000 while small cash deals can go to as low as $5,000 minimum investment.

Digitized Processing Systems

When doing a roll over from a 401 (k), 403 (b) or any other plan, you will find Regal Assets (1-844-334-5914) to be very prompt in processing your transactions. The filling of documents, signing and payment options are all digitized. From the comfort of your seat, an expert will guide you through the process.

Within 2 days, your 401 (k) roll over will be done and in a period of 7 days, your delivery will have been made. Other companies take up to 90 days to process and 30 additional days to ship. This is not only inconveniencing but will also hold up your money en-route for almost 4 months.

Segregated Vault Storage Services

For convenience and safety, you may need to store your precious metals in segregated vaults. This will ensure that your coins and bullions do not co-mingle with others. Not many companies out there offer this service and for those that do, they charge exorbitant fees.

RA uses Brinks as the third party custodian for the storage of your rare metals. This guarantees you safety because the custodian is fully insured. The storage fee is set at $150 which is much more competitive compared to the $225 or 0.1% of the account balance that other players in the industry charge.

Excellent Customer Service

customerserviceNot every precious metal company has knowledgeable and dedicated sales staff. However, RA has clearly stood out as far as customer relations are concerned. Right from the moment you step into their premises, you will be assigned a company representative who will take you through their services.

They will consider your unique circumstances and help you to find the best investment option that would be suitable for you. in addition, you will also receive a free gold investment kit upon request. This kit will take you through the variety of opportunities that you can invest in.

Periodically, your account representative will give you a call telling you about opportunities and market trends that you can capitalize on.

A Buy Back Program

In circumstances where you want to dispose your investments, the greatest challenge lies in finding an appropriate buyer. This has made most investor to either delay the selling decision or opt for a lower than market price.

RA has a buyback program where they buy precious metals from existing clients at the spot market price. This gives you an excellent opportunity to liquidate your assets quickly and also make a timely margin out of it.

A Guaranteed Delivery Schedule

7daysRegal Assets takes special effort to ensure that all deliveries are timely. Within 7 days after funding your account, cash deals are usually delivered. Upon placing the order, you will be given a tracking number which can help you trace your order.

The precious metals are fully insured and the company takes full shipping responsibility until delivered at the agreed upon destination. Any delays beyond the 7 days will entitle you to compensation by the company with 1 OZ of Silver American Eagle.

Competitors take up to 90 days to deliver an order, with the earliest deliveries made between 15-30 days.

Expertise in Roll Overs

Roll overs can be very complicated due to the varying tax implications. Whether you are doing your roll over from an IRA, Roth IRA or 401 (k), you need an expert eye to guide you through.

That is exactly what RA provides. They shepherd you through the entire roll over process with such dedication and professionalism. You will be advised on the IRA approved coins to buy to avoid violating IRS rules and attracting unnecessary penalties.

All money transfers and bank payments are counter-checked and completed in time.

Accreditation, Reviews and Ratings

regal assets
Regal Assets (call 1-844-334-5914) has received outstanding reviews and ratings from the leading business authorities. Better Business Bureau has given RA an A+ rating while Business Consumer Alliance and TrustLink have rated it AAA and 5 stars respectively.

With over 400 reviews done in the recent past, RA is yet to receive a single complaint from anyone of them. Other rating institutions that have given Regal Assets an excellent rating include InsiderPages, CitySearch and Kudzu.

In addition, the company has worked with authoritative institutions such as Certified Coin Exchange, Professional Coin Grading Service and Numismatic Conservation Service in ensuring that the rare coins it deals in are authentic.

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