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Merit Gold, also referred to as Merit Financial, has for the past 27 years served more than two hundred and fifty thousand clients. Each day, it also continues to offer assistance that is valuable to clients. The precious metals industry is very challenging and many companies have risen and fallen.

Merit Financial has however remained resilient by continually partnering with people who want to get the best deals for their precious metals. Its continued service can be attributed to how insightful the market surveys are and how transparent and aggressive the pricing policies are.

My Own Opinion Regarding Merit Gold

Merit Financial is rated highly by both Business Consumer Alliance and Trustlink, receiving reviews from clients. However, Merit Gold has not received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and has previously received complaints from Yelp, the Ripoff and the BCA.

Most clients complain that delivery is not fast, some of their sales persons at times give misrepresented information or charge higher fees and that some of the products that they sell are way much more expensive than similar products in the market.

However, I liked Merit Financial because of several things:

  • It has a high BCA rating
  • TrustLink rates it at 5 stars
  • It has dealt with precious for a very long time, that is 26 years.

However, I did not like the following things:

  • It has 12 complaints that have been filed with the Ripoff report
  • 67 complaints have been filed by the Business Consumer Alliance
  • It has 2 complaints and a very low rating of 1.5 stars with Yelp
  • It has not received Better Business Bureau accreditation

Unsatisfied clients complain that there is slow delivery, sales personnel at times charge higher commission fees, the online platform does not work at times, and online inquiries go unanswered and the differences in cost of goods during the sales process and after the actual buying.

Complaints, Scams, Reviews and Ratings

Better Business Bureau


Merit Financial does not have accreditation and isn?t rated by BBB.

Business Consumer Alliance

53 complaints


Merit Gold received the highest rating (AAA) from the Business Consumer Alliance

Within the last three years , however, sixty seven complaints have been filed against Merit Financial, with most of the complaints being slow delivery. Other complainants claim that during the sales process, some goods were overvalued yet they had lower value upon arrival.



Trustlink highly rated Merit Financial by giving it 5 stars. Most of the reviews are positive, though there are a few instances where there are negative reviews from clients. The bad reviews involve Merit Financial delaying with the shipment or not delivering.

Other Good Reputation Review Sources

The Ripoff Report: the Ripoff report filed 12 complaints against Merit Financial. Most of the complaints included lack of response to orders that are made online, goods are overvalued during the sales process but they have lower value once they arrive, sales persons are full of deception and slow delivery.

ripoff report

Yelp: Yelp gives Merit Financial a score of 1.5 stars out of the highest possible 5. One complainant stated that the company does not pay attention to online orders. Other reviewers said that Merit Financial overcharges commission fees leading to a reduced balance from the purchased goods.

ComplaintsBoard: there are several complaints that the ComplaintsBoard has filed against Merit Gold. Most complaints involve slow delivery of incorrect goods, e.g., the client orders specific coins and gets different coins, the sales people are so pushy and misrepresent the pricing hence resulting in overvaluation.

complaints board

The Inventory of Merit Gold

Merit Financial has different packages for all the precious metals like platinum, palladium, silver and gold. These metals are found in different values, quantities and forms. Though this, all clients can invest in precious metals regardless of amount of money that they have or their preferences.

Gold is among the most popular and common precious metals. Merit Financial offers and accepts several forms of gold including American Eagle, South African Krugerand, American Buffalo coins, bullion, gold bars, British Sovereign coins and the Australian Kangaroo and many others.

Merit Financial also handles different forms of silver such as the Silver Commemorative dollar, Silver American Eagle, silver bars and the Canadian Maple Leaf coin. Just like gold, the different forms of silver also have different price points.

The other precious metal that was recently discovered is platinum. It is more valuable than gold and fetches higher prices because it?s very scarce. Merit Financial only deals with the one ounce platinum bar form of platinum.

The final precious metal that Merit Financial has interests in is palladium. This metal is offered in two investment forms the palladium Canadian maple leaf and the palladium 10 ounce bar.

Why I Failed to Choose Merit Gold

Merit Gold is one the oldest companies that deal with precious metals. It has been doing this for the last 26 years and is currently among the top ten leading gold companies in the industry of precious metals.

Because Merit Gold has been in operation for a very long time, this could be reason why it has many reviews on TrustLink, and the highest rating with positive reviews from most clients.

There are, however, few things worth considering such as complaints from the Ripoff Report, the Business Consumer Alliance and Yelp and the lack of accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

Some clients complain that Merit Financial has a slow mode of delivery and the commission fees are high.

The Company that I Finally Chose

After researching for four months and contacting sixteen gold companies, my list was narrowed down to the three companies at the top. I finally chose Regal Assets (1-844-334-5914). You can contact them and request that you talk to Colin, who I really enjoyed working with.


I settled on Regal Assets because the company gave me a better overall impression than most other gold companies.

I liked them because of some things such as waived fees for first year, flat storage fee, the fastest processing time, segregated storage, delivery is done by seven days, the buy back program, great customer care, experts in rollovers and perfect rating by TrustLink, BCA and BBB.

There were no negative reviews regarding the company. You can read the Regal Assets Review that I made if you want to get a better understanding why I chose them.

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