heritage gold group
The Heritage Gold Group, a subsidiary of GoldCo Direct was started in the year 2006. Despite the fact that the Gold Company is new in this industry, it has already got perfect ratings and scores from the BCA, TrustLink and the BBB.

In the Precious Metals Industry, the above three groups are among the top 3 ranking entities. The company has also received positive feedback from its past and current clients.

However, the heritage Gold has a major weakness as it was not established as the other conventional Gold Dealers. This is sad as the company seems to be the best deal due to its great customer service which is both experienced and attentive from my interaction with them.

The fact that most of its capital is owned by third parties and in the current economy which is volatile such companies can be wound up at any given time. Personally, I prefer the Gold IRA companies as they have some history wrapped up under their belts.

Personal Opinion

Personally, the gold broker who picked up my call impressed me as he enabled me to find out new details about the checklist I had made to guide my enquiry. An example is the reasons why the Segregated Storage is better for the Gold IRA.

It is important to get all the little details addressed as they are able to either make or even break your own fortune. It is therefore important to ensure that you understand every detail about the party that will be in charge of your lifetime savings.

Ensure that you also get to know them better especially those who will be handling your savings.

Although the Heritage Gold Group seemed great as we talked on the phone, I went on to my second stage of investigation, digging deeper on the background information of the company.

Unfortunately, my investigation was not successful in getting enough information on the company and this sign is not a good one concerning the company. I always expect to get a great wealth of information as well as the history concerning any gold company.

I should be able to get to know about who the company are, their mistakes in case they have any and what they offer to their clients. Below are some of the things that I liked about the company and those that I did not like.


  • TrustLink rated it with a 5 star
  • Better Business Bureau gives it an A+ rank
  • Business Consumer Alliance gave it a Score of triple A
  • It had around 50 reviews from the clients on TrustLink gibbering about Heritage Gold Group
  • There no setup fees


  • Very Scant information concerning the Heritage Gold Group
  • Its own website does not provide enough details about the company
  • Gold IRA transfer takes longer (14 days) to process unlike the other Gold Custodians who are faster
  • Very high storage fees ($125/year) and administrative fees of $100/year compared to the other companies

Reviews, Complaints, Scams and Ratings.

Better Business Bureau



The Heritage Gold Group has a BBB A+ rating which is a perfect score. Since the month of May, 2012 BBB has accredited this company and there has been no record of complaints.

Business Consumer Alliance



The Alliance has given this company its highest mark; AAA score. Another thing that is commendable about the Heritage Gold is its rare record of having no complaints recorded against it. Some of the comments found on the BCA site claim that Heritage offered its clients a partial or full refund, successfully resolved any negative situation it had with its customers and made amends.




Heritage Gold gets an impressive 5 full star score and it has received around 47 reviews from customers who rave about its services. Most of them have executed a Gold IRA Rollover or a Gold 401K Rollover which seem to be the main strength and focus of the company. Based on these reviews, one can establish that most of the clients are not investors in the high level and their investment amounts range between $10K to around $20K on an overall basis.

Other Review Sources that are Reputable

It is unusual that the Heritage Gold Group has no comments, reviews or any information about the company from the likes of Yellow pages, CitySearch, Ripoff Report and Yelp. It is normal for most companies to have a review or two from the above sites.

Strengths of the Company

According to me I believe their amazing brokers are one of its top strength. The brokers are skilled on the phone and they are full of advice that is deep-level about the benefits, depositories and any implications of owning gold rather than the U.S. dollar. I did not find another company that offered such great advice.

The company has great scores that are perfect and the reviews it gets from customers are great. It is not easy to fake about 50 reviews even though they are faked but it is always great to look at the bigger picture.

Weaknesses of the Heritage Gold Group

When evaluating a company, I prefer to be able to get as much information about the company as possible. It is great for a company to have good rankings and reviews but it ought to have some history that is healthy behind it. This is important as a company?s worth is not in its gold.

According to the parameters that I use when talking to different companies, they ought to have been existing for 10 years since their establishment. They should also have raving customers, perfect rankings and ratings and reputable sources ought to mention them.

I pass on from a company that meets only some of my parameters. The Heritage Gold Group Company is great and I have developed a liking for it and will watch how it unfolds within the coming years. If it will still have the same reputation and its buzz becomes widespread then I can consider it for my future investments.

What Company Did I Settle For?

After researching for 4 months within which I called 16 distinct gold companies, I narrowed my list to a top 3. I ended up settling for Regal Assets and one call them up (1-844-334-5914) and request for Colin Plume, my main contact point, and he is wonderful to do business with.


I settled for them as they offered me an overall impression that was much better than what a huge number of gold companies offered and a slightly higher impression than the other two companies in the top 3 of the list I had made.

There are several things that attracted me to this company; segregated storage, waived fees for the first year, storage fee is flat, a flat administrative fee paid annually, process time is the fastest, guaranteed delivery in 7 days, buyback program, great attention paid to customers and they are experts in rollovers.

It has a perfect score with TrustLink, BBB and BCA, current clients offer positive reviews and they also do not have any kind of complaint record. The rest of the reasons why I settled for Regal Assets are in my Regal assets review where they are explained in full detail.

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