birch gold group
Birch gold group [situated in Burbank, CA] sets itself apart from other companies with similar provisions as it in the sense that: Over the years operating, the company has built a great reputation supported by solid positive customer reviews.

The company boosts of a series of perfect rating from entities such as the B.B.B (Better Business Bureau) the business consumer alliance, the trust link etc. Simply put, birch gold prides itself in always guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

First time I contacted birch gold I was very impressed with the customer service taking into consideration the fact that the customer service agents above and beyond answered all question which I asked in the simplest and most clear manner.

One thing which honestly shocked me was the lack of established reputation when compared to similar high profiling companies which have been in operation slightly longer.

Personal Opinion on the Birch Gold Group

In Spite of the impressive feeling of clarity which the company?s feedback coupled with their off the chart ranking as well as its rating made me feel, bottom line is there was a significant information gap about the company which honestly had me a bit worried.

According to me this is such a shame since the company is in the best perfect position to prove its case as being the market leader. Interesting thing about all of this is the fact that the few positive reviews and perfect ratings from the different clients the company is so far servicing only goes as far into my mind.

Frankly speaking, the last thing on my mind at the moment is taking any kind of risks with my hard earned money. In fact, regardless of the fact that the company even has an AAA rating as well as a 5 star customer rave reviews never interested me at that much to an extend in still insisted on passing.

What I Loved about the Company

The fact that:

  • The company had a perfect score with trust link
  • The company has an A+ thumbs up from the B.B.B and the AAA score courtesy of the BCA
  • The company?s customer service is amazing.
  • The company is generally very knowledgeable

What I Disliked about the Company

The fact that the company:

  • Has an astounding informational gap
  • Has no real fees and that who is the company?s lead on decision making and general leadership.
  • Is followed by a string of scam complaints, a good number of negative reviews and general complaints

A General Idea Better Business Bureau?s Relation to Birch Gold Group


The company has an A+ score from the better business bureau. It was accredited this rating sometime in November 2011. Interesting thing about all this is the fact that they have a completely clean record characterized by no form of complaints whatsoever.

A General Idea of the Business Consumer Alliance?s Relation to Birch Gold Group


The BCA as it is commonly known is on record to have awarded Birch Gold group with a perfect AAA score. So far there have been no complaints from the business consumer alliance.

In case you are keen, you may have already noticed by no that most of the old comments on the BCA website all seem to suggest that Birch gold was in the best position to resolve its issues and problems with clients and even go as far as sorting out all kinds of disputes.

In fact, some comments even claim that the company was giving away partial refunds to some clients with an aim of sorting out any eminent complaints.

A General Idea Trust Link?s Relation to Birch Gold Group


Trust link served as yet another perfect score for Birch gold taking into consideration the fact that trust link awarded it with a 5 star plus there are at least 27 positive reviews from clients and a host of several other reputable review sources.

Summary on the Rip Off Report

ripoff report

As strange as it may sound, the company ?Birch gold group has a sparkling record with the ripoff report page. The company through the page has been fully verified with several accolades to support all that.

The only downside is the fact that; I have forever suspected that all this talk might be mere speculation and that the ripoff report website does not have enough partial reviews.

A General Idea Yelp?s Relation to Birch Gold Group


Yelp is also on record for awarding birch gold group with a 5 star. In fact, the reviewer in this case went as far as making sure they secured a 401K gold rollover which brought incredible satisfaction.

A General Idea of Birch Gold Group?s Link to Yellow Pages


A 5 star rating. In addition to this 7 reviewers all of whom were very satisfied going as far as specifically mentioning the great customer service on offer.

An Overview of Birch Gold Group?s Positives

Close Scrutiny of the company reveals that: birch gold group?s strength lies on their provision of exceptional customer service coupled with the fact that at the moment business seem to have been solely grounded in the personnel ethics and integrity.

Customers have not been left behinds as most of them have constantly expressed their great rave about the transition and easy transfer of their 401K and IRA all into Gold.

What?s more, the company?s ability to easily take customers through each and every step of the process has been well received. I love this so much since it is one of the main things which I always look forward to whenever I pet peeve.

An Overview of Birch Gold Group?s Negatives

Birch to me is too exposed, this is clearly evident from the fact that the company is not in any way either TRUSTe verified, has an ICTA membership or even Norton secured.

Details of Birch Gold Group?s Minimums and Fees

The company charges averagely $160 (recurring) annual storage fee for any Gold IRA. The storage fee is simply there to help any client have all his gold safely stored in a location that is federally approved. More specifically, the company?s third party fully approved storage is the Delaware depository.

Sad thing is, the company?s minimum investment amount stands at $ 10,000. Interesting thing is this among wouldn?t sound so ridiculous especially if you are in your 60 such as myself especially if in the past you have been looking for the most ideal platform to help you plan your retirement savings.

In spite of all of the above, it is important to make sure that the choices which you make are not in any way clouded by the fact that some other people may have unanimously flooded your thoughts with news that such storage options are slightly more costly compared to other alternative gold custodian options and choices.

Take note, birch gold group claims to be able to complete the gold IRA transfer in as little as 7 days though this service has a $ 90 fee (wavered by other companies) linked to it.

Why I Refrained from Associating Myself with Birch Gold Group

On paper, the company is perfect. It boosts of great ratings, fantastic ranks as well as a series of outstanding customer reviews.

Come to think of it all, I don?t remember ever coming across any bad reviews or comments which were negative from all the comments I went through about the company.

Although you may have already ruled out that I may be overly cautious, truth is, when any company looks so perfect on paper plus its profile is characterized by such massive informational gap then there is always more to it than what meets the eyes just as the saying ?when the deal is too sweet always think twice? goes. Personally, such situations usually make my mind to start racing.

Simply put, personally, I find birch gold group to be an outstanding gold company. In fact, regardless of other people?s opinion, they will always be in my top 10 list.

I am so much looking forward to hearing more about the latest upcoming Gold IRA Company. With this in mind, in case you are ever lucky enough to do any form of business with them kindly try and make sure that you hit me up with a quick mail with details about your experience so I can share it with others.

Which Company Did I Finally Settle to Work With?


Finally after 4 months of consulting 16 different gold companies and conducting a series of research works, I shortened my list down to 3 after which I ended up choosing Regal assets. Reason was, I found the fact that they are easily reached and always readily available very convenient for me since it served as a guarantee to always have all my queries sorted out plus all this would make them very easy to work with.

Proof of this lies in reaching out to one Colin (1-844-334-5914) who upon being asked about me would shade more light on our little experience.

Simply put, I finally choose to settle for regal assets since they provide me with a much more better overall position plus the company served as a guarantee for a positive overall impression as far as the grand majority of gold companies was involved to an extent even slightly better than my other 2 remaining companies in my top 3 list.

In addition to all of the above, other thing which I found really impressive about the company included the fact that it waived first year fees, provided flat storage fees, an annual administrative fee as well as segregated storage options not to forget the 7 day guaranteed delivery option, the buy back program, perfect scores from the likes of the B.B.B, they B.C.A, Trust Link etc, the customer satisfaction and expertise in rollovers.

In case you are interested in reading my regal assets review feel free to do so since my review of that company includes a detailed overview of the main reasons why I considered it the best compared to birch Gold group.

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